Current Weekend Spot: Beating Skyrim for Windows 3.11

Last night I decided to take a break from working on my SFM project for right now and play some Castle of the Winds in Windows 3.11 under DOSBox, and so far I have fought my way through 187 monsters scattered around in different areas and finally got to the notoriously Evil Hill Giant Leader known as Hrungnir:

I have successfully defeated Hrungnir, the Hill Giant leader, and his ogre henchmen just by shooting some Fireballs at them. After defeating Hrungnir I grabbed the Amulet of Kings from his dead body. It’s a special kind of amulet that lets me use the item in order to beat the game:

That was only the first part of the game. So now I’m at the point where I must get everything ready for the second part of the game right now, and I’ll be able to move on to Part 2 as soon I got all the stuff that I need.

Playing around some Castle of the Winds

Last night I’ve been doing some Castle of the Winds in Windows 3.11 under DOSBox since it’s been a long time since I played it during the Windows XP years. Here’s a screenshot of what the gameplay looks like in the game:

So far I have made some good progress. I have journeyed my way along the highway that leads to the village of Bjarnarhaven since the village at the very beginning of the game got mysteriously burned down. I am now currently in Fortress level 4 of this game, but I’ll plan going to the fifth Fortress Level whenever I feel like playing Castle of the Winds again. 🙂

I found another free game on Humble Bundle

I went on Humble Bundle this evening and found a free Steam game called Age of Wonders III. I was having fun trying to log in to my Humble Bundle account because Captcha was being a dick to me and/or was having technical difficulties loading pictures of vehicles, road signs, etc. I even tried logging in to my account using my father’s laptop in the garage but that was a no-go.

Anyway, I managed to jump through a few hoops and received a Product code for the free game and added it to my collection of Steam games.

Click here to go get the game while it’s free for a limited time.

Playing around with some Faerie Solitaire

Last night I decided to play some Faerie Solitaire since it’s been awhile. I managed to evolve more of my friendly faeries pets like the frozen knight, the icy gel, a flame sword and Queenie Frog:




Oh, I also earned four achievements so far. Like, the first one for buying half of the Faerie Land power-ups, the second one for playing a total of 10,000 cards, the third one for earning $500,000, and the fourth one for getting a 20 card combo. 🙂

Here’s a game that involves fantasies and card games


I decided to play some Faerie Solitaire last night. It’s a magical card game about finding and raising Faerie pets, and repopulating the magical land of Avalon using the resources found by clearing each level. You can play cards to find Faeries eggs and resources, completing level objectives so you can rescue the faeries, spending money to buy stuff in the Faerie Land, scoring card combos and using elemental resources to make your Faerie pets evolve. This is what the game looks like:


Here’s a screenshot of my first evolved Faerie pet:


That is one cute ice cat. I like this game because Solitaire is one of my favorite card games. 😀

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