I found another free game on Humble Bundle

I went on Humble Bundle this evening and found a free Steam game called Age of Wonders III. I was having fun trying to log in to my Humble Bundle account because Captcha was being a dick to me and/or was having technical difficulties loading pictures of vehicles, road signs, etc. I even tried logging in to my account using my father’s laptop in the garage but that was a no-go.

Anyway, I managed to jump through a few hoops and received a Product code for the free game and added it to my collection of Steam games.

Click here to go get the game while it’s free for a limited time.

I’m Back in Business!

Sorry for not posting last couples day ago. I’ve been down temporarily because I was too busy testing my Steam games on my clean install of Windows 10.

Anyway, I just got two free games installed on my Steam library. Here are the links to both of them:


By the way, everything in my system is behaving smoothly so far. Now I just need to turn up the Eye Candy at maximum velocity on all my games including the ones in my library. 🙂

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