I found another free game on Humble Bundle

I went on Humble Bundle this evening and found a free Steam game called Age of Wonders III. I was having fun trying to log in to my Humble Bundle account because Captcha was being a dick to me and/or was having technical difficulties loading pictures of vehicles, road signs, etc. I even tried logging in to my account using my father’s laptop in the garage but that was a no-go.

Anyway, I managed to jump through a few hoops and received a Product code for the free game and added it to my collection of Steam games.

Click here to go get the game while it’s free for a limited time.

Some 8-Bit Medieval Fun

Last week I’ve been playing another Steam game that I’ve never played before. It’s called Kingdom: Classic. It’s a game where you play as a royalty riding a horse, and you go around collecting coins and then giving them to people or objects to build, purchase, upgrade, and acquire certain things while trying to survive as long as possible.

I’d say this is a good game to play, and what I like about it is the 8-bit graphics that kinda remind me of Broforce, and also a dark-colored horse that I found by the wooden fence:

I managed to get two achievements while playing this game. One for surviving day 5, and the other for surviving day 10.

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