Deadpool, Giant Bugs and a Giant Red Gingerbread Man

I was playing some more Scribblenauts last night, and I took a screenshot of Deadpool riding a red Shoggoth:


I also created a giant bug party last month. Here you can see all the bugs dancing:


Last but not least, I took a screenshot of a giant red gingerbread man wearing a red top hat:

2016-02-23_00001 (2)

That is all. 😉

Alxala and Stewie Forever

My cat, Stewie, likes to meow at me everyday when I’m doing something, because he thinks I’m his love target. So I walked up to him and I pet him to make him happy, and then I lead him to his food bowl.

I also took a buttload of pictures of Stewie too. Here’s a picture of him grooming himself:


A picture of him yawning:


And a picture of him sacked out on the couch:


That cat is in love with me. Seriously.

Screwing around in Scribblenauts!

Last night, I was screwing around in Scribblenauts and I created some people on my own, like I created the two Nicki Minaj princesses that are sometimes on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’:


They’re sitting on their beach chairs with Ellen. This is what they look like in real life:

sophiagraceandrosiepic (144)

I also added an adjective to one of Maxwell’s brothers, Jack.


One more thing before I go, I also added adjectives to different objects. Here’s what I did:

2016-02-17_00004 (2)

2016-02-17_00003 (2)



I got the idea from the funny bot names on our Team Fortress 2 servers.


Well, back to screwin’ off. XD

Welcome to my insanity!!!

Hi, I’m Alxala. This is my new blog, and I’m going to rev it up with some game screenshots, game videos, and some other stuff too.

I like creating things in games like Scribblenauts and creating sprite art in Garry’s Mod. For example:




And I also like to take pictures with my camera. Here is a picture of Stewie and Morty, my cats:

Stewie and Morty

Stewie and Morty

This blog is going to be so much fun, and I hope you like it. 🙂

  • About Me

    I like to blog about certain games that I like to play. I also blog about cats, art and other things in life.

    — Alxala