Playing around a bit of Namco Museum 64

I was checking out Namco Museum 64 on Der Project 64 emulator. It’s a Nintendo 64 game where you can play 6 arcade games starting with Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaxian, Galaga, Dig Dug and Pole Position.

The reason why I snagged that to add to my collection of N64 games is because I remember playing Namco Museum Volumes 1 and 3 on the original Playstation back in the old days. They’re a lot of fun! 😀

Some GMod shenanigans

I decided to give myself a break from Scribblenauts and play some GMod for a couple of hours. I even took some screenshots of my Pac-Man sprite art:






I put those up because Pac-Man is a great classic Namco arcade game. 🙂 On another note I did manage to get two achievements while I was playing GMod. Like, that one achievement for spawning a thousand NPCs and the other for killing a thousand bad guys.

Oh, I also took a screenshot of a Galaxian enemy ship from awhile back:


Yeah, I had fun in the GMod universe. 😛

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