I Made Some More Sprite Sheets

Last night I was ripping some Super Game Boy borders of the FIFA Soccer variety. Here are four of them that got approved in the Spriters Resource website:

And yes, I did try out all four of those FIFA Soccer games. They’re alright, but I quickly lost interest in them. Anyways, I’m almost at 2,400 sprite sheets right now and I submitted tonight’s batch of sprite sheets. Stay tuned!

Another Latest Sprite Sheet Of The Day

Last night I have submitted yet another batch of sprite sheets to the Spriters Resource website. Here’s a sprite sheet of introduction screens and title screen from some Jimmy Neutron game for the Game Boy Advance:

Ahhh… nothing like having my sprite sheets approved to make myself really, really happy. 😀

Monday Night Sprite Sheet Shenanigans

I was bored so I set out on a quest to submit more sprite sheets of the Game Boy variety to the Spriters Resource. Here’s one that got approved the other day:

My sprite sheet of the startup screen and title screen elements used in the Japanese GBC game, Boku no Camp Jou.

I’d say this is an OK game, but it’s definitely not my cup of tea to sip on. Anyway, I’mma head off to do whatever else before I drop off for tonight.

Super Duper Sprite Sheet Roundup

I’ve been making another batch of sprite sheets of the Game Boy variety and submitting them to the Spriters Resource. Here’s my latest one that got approved:

Oh, I just noticed I’ve finally reached over 2,000 sprite sheets. Hooray! 😀

Now is my time to take another break until I feel like making more sprite sheets. *again*

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