Robot-Wrecking Adventures with the Blue Bomber

I pulled out my controller and played some Mega Man Legacy Collection for about an hour. This collection has six Mega Man games to choose from. In each game, the objective is to defeat all the bosses and get their weapons before taking on the villainous evil scientist known as Dr. Wily while overcoming obstacles and robot enemies that are trying to kick his ass. I have managed to defeat the first boss, Fire Man, in the first Mega Man game. I survived the battle against him with one health left. Damn, that was a close call. I even got bonus and clear points after defeating the first boss:

Yeah, I had fun with the Blue Bomber but damn that was intense as hell. After I played some of that, I found this short clip made by Dorkly:

I thought that was funny because of the toilets disappearing and reappearing in different areas, like the one on the ceiling. πŸ˜›

Random Video Roundup

I found some videos on YouTube that I want to share with you. The first one is two cats playing a guitar:

The next video is a Dorkly Star Wars skit where Darth Vader uses his force to choke a guy:

And another Dorkly video where different video games have Impossible Mode:

I laughed my ass of on the Excitebike part where a fat biker tries to go up the ramp and fails. πŸ˜›

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