More Steam Deck Fun with Sonic Spinball


I’ve been playing some more Sonic Spinball on my Steam Deck, and I finally obtained three blue emeralds and defeated the first boss in the game:

I even managed to master the first bonus game too:

Now that I’ve completed the first level, I’mma go take a break from this game until I feel like playing it again. 🙂

Friday Late Night Fun with Sonic CD

I decided to dig into some Sonic CD with my Steam Controller tonight, and so far I got past Palmtree Panic and fought against Dr. Eggman (or Dr. Robotnik) in the first boss battle:

I like how this game has pink flowers when you destroy enemies unlike other Sonic games that have birds and bunnies:

Also, I got an achievement for traveling through time which kinda reminds me of the Back To The Future movies. It’s a great Sonic game, but not as great as Sonic Generations. But still it’s a great game. 😀

Playing around some Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed

I had a great blast playing Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed with my controller the other night. It’s a multiplayer Mario Kart-esque racing game where you can grab power-ups and weapons such as ice, fireworks, drones, and blowfish. This game has guest characters like Team Fortress, Football Manager, Alex Kidd, etc.

I managed to win a couple events at the World Tour in first place, and I also got a few achievements which are the ones for going All-Star, finishing half a second of an opponent in a Race, hitting 1st, 2nd and 3rd place with a Swarm attack, and hitting an opponent with a weapon while looking backwards. My new Steam controller should be here soon so that I can play games with it instead of my old one. 😀

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