Sunday House Cleaning Open Thread

My family and I were doing some extreme house cleaning this evening because we wanted our house to be really tidy so that the inside of our house doesn’t look too messy when we get back from our road trip. I’ve been cleaning up the kitchen floor, plus I brushed the carpets in the upstairs hallway and my bedroom.

I think I’ll focus on brushing the carpets in our living room tomorrow so that Papa Smurf can hit them with the vacuum. So right now I still got laundry that needed to be caught up once I’ve done all my fun stuff. Oh, and speaking of laundry, I should consider washing my bedding tomorrow because I don’t want dirty smelly bedding before I leave on our road trip with my family.

Monday Evening Open Thread: More Work in the Backyard

Papa Smurf and I went out in our backyard this evening and started grabbing a huge mound pinecones and tree branches into separate buckets so we can load the buckets of pinecones in our van and haul them to the dump on the 7th this month and then use the branches including parts of a destroyed dog house as part of the fire pit experiment.

Either way, we didn’t get all the pinecones and branches but we sure got a lot of them so far. We’ll continue looking for more backyard waste and hopefully finish our job either tomorrow or the next day.

Thursday Afternoon Open Thread: Movin’ on up!

San_San and I went to go see our friendly family member this afternoon to help move stuff from their old house and shed to their new house and then clean their old house up afterwards. After we got our job done over there, Papa Smurf and I went to a lumber yard and picked up some 2×4 wood so that he can work on them by drilling a few screws in proper positions, saw a few of them in half, etc.

Then after we went home we had some delicious chicken quesadillas for dinner. It was delicious

Either way, it sure was nice to see our friendly elderly family members once again. 🙂 Open thread!

Sunday Afternoon Open Thread

San_San, Tomala and I went to go see an elderly family member of ours at their house this afternoon, and they were giving us a simple request that needs to be done which is move just about everything to one area around their old house because one of their family members is dying miserably. 🙁 Either way, before we get it started we went to go visit a young female friend of ours at her house and have her help us move stuff around and whatnot.

Took us nearly three hours to get our job done but we’ll wait on moving all the stuff including some from the shed to a new location which is the house that our elderly family member lives either tomorrow or the day after. It sure was nice to help other people move things around. 😀

Afternoon Open Thread

There wasn’t much to report today. I went to do a couple of chores this afternoon because we’re gonna have a house inspection soon. First one is cleaning the kitchen floor by sweeping the crap up, washing it with a damp rag and some soap, rinsing it, and then drying it off with a towel. The other is brushing the carpets in the living room, the hallway and my bedroom so that Papa Smurf can run the vacuum and hit them with it. I hate doing chores, but they need to be done right away.

And before I go do something else, here’s a random Dorkly video that I was watching a couple days ago:

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