Wednesday Late Night Open Thread

There’s nothing major to report here and it was a busy day for me because I’ve been doing some yard work from out back such as raking and weed wacking. I got half of the weed trimming done in our backyard, and my dad took over the weed wacker to trim the other half down to lawn-mower.

Then we enjoyed some delicious sweet-and-sour chicken with rice for dinner earlier this evening but unfortunately I don’t have a picture of tonight’s dinner because I was too busy focusing on my food while spending time with my family. So tomorrow I’m going to be planning on drawing a Valentine’s Day-themed piece of artwork that people would happily love to see. 🙂

Until then, enjoy this open thread.

All The Leaves Are Down

Papa Smurf and I were out back raking up some fallen leaves this evening and make them into a pile next to the compost pile:

It only took less than a half-hour to get the backyard job done. We didn’t get all the leaves but we were able to get a lot of them. So tomorrow I was thinking about is go out back and rip up more weed and fake grass if I could track them down hard enough.

Yet Another Open Thread

Last night we had two of our friendly cousins coming over to our house for a visit. We had such a great time together from simple conversations with my family to eating meatloaf for dinner along with some salad and green beans. It was a super excellent dinner for the whole family. 😉 I even showed our cousins some of my artwork via my camera including Little Red Riding Hood getting baked, a young couple eating potato chips while getting stoned, etc. I gotta say, they both like my artwork so much. It sure was nice to see our friendly cousins (again). 🙂

I went out back with my Dad this nice but breezy afternoon and didn’t do really much yard work because of heavy winds. We were spreading yard stones on the entrance to our backyard, and tried to avoid breathing stone dust while it’s breezy heavily out here. We decided to call it quits after picking a few more pinecones because we just don’t want to get dirt in our eyes in this breezy weather, and every time I try lift the dirt the wind blows it towards my eyes.

Monday Evening Open Thread: More Work in the Backyard

Papa Smurf and I went out in our backyard this evening and started grabbing a huge mound pinecones and tree branches into separate buckets so we can load the buckets of pinecones in our van and haul them to the dump on the 7th this month and then use the branches including parts of a destroyed dog house as part of the fire pit experiment.

Either way, we didn’t get all the pinecones and branches but we sure got a lot of them so far. We’ll continue looking for more backyard waste and hopefully finish our job either tomorrow or the next day.

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