Current Mood: Dirty Dancing

Been toying around some SFM lately, and I guess what my next project for today is?

This one is called Dirty Dancing, where the Demoman wearing a Bill’s Hat and a Croft’s Crest badge doing a crazy dance with Mr. Happy showing up while holding the Scottish Resistance on his right hand. The reason why is because my father Ivan_Fookinov and sister Overlord Tomala came with that idea for my next project. I even updated my SFM poster from my Scout main to the Demoman doing a funny dance. 😛

Some More Tee Eff Too

I’ve been having fun in some community servers in TF2 after purchasing some Steam games from their store during the Halloween sale and spending the rest of the cash for decorated weapon paints and a couple of cosmetic paint tools. Here are some of my latest decorated weaponry added in my TF2 inventory:

I have also applied my ‘An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge’ paint tool that I bought from the market earlier this evening and used it on my Bill’s Hat:

So now I just need to think about what Steam games I’m planning on getting for this year’s Steam Christmas Sale.

Have a Bright White Beret

I’ve been drawing more artwork lately this evening after enjoying dinner which is hamburgers that Tomala made for the whole family. It was an art picture of a white Bill’s hat based on an all-class cosmetic in TF2:

Credit goes to Valve and TF2 for coming up with this hat from a long time ago.

The reason why I made that is because I was thinking about getting the ‘An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge’ paint tool for my Bill’s hat at the Steam market after purchasing some Steam games from the Halloween Sale if I have enough money to buy the paint tool. I’ve also been working on my comic project yesterday and it’s all been finished up except for the characters’ speech bubbles, but I’ll be planning on doing that the next time I work on it.

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