Welcome to the truth bunker

I was on YouTube last night going through some clips on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and I found this one where Stephen is investigating strange political conspiracy theories in the segment called Stephen Colbert’s Tinfoil Hat:

I like that one part where he’s trying to erase Jason Bourne off the board, and I also like how he said ‘Welcome to the truth bunker’ because they made me laugh so hard.

I’d say it’s a great video but it would’ve been even better if he was doing it with the tinfoil hat on. 😛

Some more old skool action

I’ve been playing a game called Poker Solitaire:


It’s a card game where you can place cards one by one on the grid to earn points from different hands. I’d say this is a really good game because I like how it has an option that let’s me choose scoring systems:


And another that let’s me choose different game variations like the one variation where you can place all the cards at once and swap them around, and the other where you can place cards one by one only on adjacent squares:


Yeah, things are going alright so far. 🙂

Playing around with some Faeria


I decided to rip into a new game called Faeria. It’s a strategy card game that has a Living Board where you can build platforms, summon creatures and use them to fight your opponent’s creatures. The main objective in this game is to destroy your opponent’s orb before they destroy yours. Here’s what it looks like:



So far I have defeated my first opponent. I’d say this is a really fun game. 🙂 I like how the cards have different creatures like the Cutthroat Bandit, the Savage Horseman and the Steamforge Enforcer.

The Tonight Show Lip Sync Battle Post

I was going through videos of the Tonight Show on YouTube, and I found this video where Jimmy Fallon is facing off with Seth Rogen in an epic lip sync battle:

I like the part where Seth is singing a live playback track with help from The Roots in their classical song ‘Mellow My Man’ because that got me all jazzed up. 🙂