Yet another round of adorable cat fotoz

Yesterday I had my camcorder activated and locked eyes on my cat buddy Stewie. He was having fun trying to catch a garter snake that hangs out in our backyard:

Of course I can’t leave out the little handsome dude, Morty:

Yep, our cats are family and I love them both so much. 😻 Oh, and speaking of cats, we’re gonna have a new kitten in a couple weeks after my family and I come back from our road trip.

Update (9/28/21): I got some sad news about our new kitten. They were killed in a couch crushing accident today, and I felt absolutely disappointed when I heard that… 😭

I Heart Seeding Dandelions *again*

Last week I was outside in my backyard on a search for some flowers when all of the sudden… I found a beautiful seeding dandelion:

This dandelion is about three feet tall and it has a supply of parachute seeds that form into a fuzzy, white puffball that has a nice smell to it.

Yep, I still love those kind of flowers which they can also be used for wishing. 😛 Anyways, my new camera has already arrived so that I can take much better pics with it before we go on a family road trip since my vacation is coming up tomorrow. 🙂

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