In tonight’s post: Meet the Female Cleaners

Here’s what I’ve been working on with the help of Photoshop and Illustrator, and it includes crime scene cleaners from the sequel to the video game Max Payne:

Oh, and speaking of. I should probably jump back into playing that game so that I can go on a mission to gun down the cleaners, mobsters and all sorts of enemies… again. 😛

Ze Sunday Night Thread of Ze Opening

I managed to survive another rainy day in hell earlier in the morning, and now I’m down to two more days of work to do this week. I got nothing special to blog about other than I’ve been getting dozens of compliments from various people in hell about my simply fabulous hair, and I felt so happy when I got nice compliments like that. 🙂

Open Thread!

Friday Night Lucky Bonus Open Thread

It’s my lucky day! Because I have received additional hours of my nightmare shift for today, and I also got a phone call earlier this afternoon from the workers about wanting me to come in tomorrow for my bonus shift starting at noon o’ clock. I chose to accept their request that they gave me, and hopefully I’ll survive another apocalypse of the evil COVID mobsters who refuse to take vaccine shots and/or put on face masks so that I can plan on what kind of things I should do next before coming back to work again the next day after.

So yeah, I felt so great when I got some bonus work time which means even more cash for me. Hooray! 😃

Current Gaming Mood: Mario Golf 64

Last night I decided to install Project 64 just to test out some Nintendo 64 games, starting with Mario Golf 64. In this game, you can add all four golfers that were originally from the Game Boy Color version just by simply using the Transfer Pak and the Mario Golf GBC game paks to transfer them over, but it requires at least two game packs to transfer all 4 characters in the game:

Here’s a screenshot of what the gameplay looks like:

Your selected character is outside the golf course, and your objective is to swing the golf ball all the way to the hole in order to score points whether it’s a Bogey, Birdie, Eagle or a Hole-in-One if you’re extremely lucky.

My favorite original Mario Golf character, Azalea, completing a course with a Birdie.

I’d say this game is really fun to play but difficult to master and great for practice. The graphics in this game looked awesome for back in the day, and what I like about this game is that there are different modes to choose from; like Character Get, Ring Shots, Birdie Shots, etc. 🙂

The next games that I plan on playing are Mario Kart 64 and Super Mario 64.

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