Having Fun with Caesars Palace Too

I’ve been playing some Caesars Palace II for the Game Boy Color this evening. This is a sequel to Caesars Palace, and it’s similar to the original. But this time you play as an unnamed male protagonist which can be named. You start out with $2,000 and are later given a $10,000 credit limit by the cashier:

After that, you can walk around the casino floor to choose which game you wish to play.

Big 6

Video Poker



Video Poker Hold’em/Stud Challenge

Unlike the first Caesars Palace game, you must win enough money to enter high roller areas. Which means the more money you accumulate, the more fancy-looking your character’s clothes will be. So far I have entered all the high roller areas, wore the most fanciest clothes, and reached over one millions dollars. Awesome!

I just wish the money and the fancy clothes were real. 🙂

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