Objective Complete: Operation Turn ‘n Burn

I finally survived my first Turn ‘n Burn of the week, and I enjoyed some delicious fast food for dinner with my family this evening and then after dinner I played some Cards Against Humanity online with my sister Tomala, Yutram and Lil’ Queef this evening, and guess who became the winner? Me! That’s right, because I have the most points by coming up with very hilarious answers to some simple questions. I find that game quite fun and crazy, and I sure we’ll do this again at another time.

Tomorrow on my day-off I’ll plan on giving Tomala something special for her birthday. I will also be planning on making some artwork as her birthday gift to go along with something special. I was gonna do it right now but I’m too tired from work and stuffed from eating fast food dinner. Anyways, Happy Birthday Tomala!

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