I’m back in business as usual

Greetings, my fellow Slackers!

My sis Tomala managed to switch over our blogs for the last week, and so far they’ve been working fine but they still need some tweaks and other things. So now we play the Waiting Game to see if our e-mails are coming back up especially our Thunderbird e-mail accounts.

I was going to upload some of my hand drawn artwork but the problem is that my website is not letting me because every time I try to upload any .jpg and .png picture and it throws an error saying they could not be moved to the current folder, but I will be able to upload them tomorrow if Tomala has time to fix it.

Either way, it’s good to be back in my own hamster headquarters. 🙂

  • About Me

    I like to blog about certain games that I like to play. I also blog about cats, art and other things in life.

    — Alxala