Gorgeous Freeman Does Black Mesa

I found this third episode of Gorgeous Freeman where he takes on more Willsons, meeting a guy named Frank and his Vortigaunt friend named Vorty, and causing trouble in Black Mesa:

My most favorite parts are him using his suit as a hoverboard to surf across the water, his Pootis alarm clock, and Frank saying ‘That’s a big butt!’ as he looks at Gorgeous Freeman’s butt. 😛

Gorgeous Freeman is the King of the World, baby!

I was watching a couple episodes of ‘Gorgeous Freeman’ on Tomala’s blog last night.

My most favorite part is Dr. Breen saying “I want that ass, and I want it now!” He was voiced by DasBoSchitt, who created the Gmod Idiot Box series. I thought that catchphrase was hilarious. 😛

My second favorite part is Gorgeous Freeman being voiced by Duke Nukem. I like one of his catchphrases: “Power armor is for pussies.”

And my third favorite part is Gorgeous Freeman destroying the Willsons with his crowbar. XD

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