Thursday Late Night Open Thread: Fucking Norton!

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I’ve been spending my time playing some great Game Boy game roms on the emulator. Tonight was a quiet night. We had some roasted pork, rice and green beans for dinner. That really filled me right up. 🙂

Oh, I encountered something weird while I was on my computer this afternoon. I was running Norton LiveUpdate and it asked me to restart now after it completed the updates. So I clicked Restart Now and let it reboot, and then I got back into Windows but I suddenly lost the internet connection because Norton LiveUpdate screwed it up for no apparent reason. Even my Exterior IP on the Network Meter gadget says ‘No Connection’. Now I got internet connection after I disconnected and reconnected my network card but my External IP said ‘Error 0’. So I went to refresh it, and it comes up with the proper external IP. Then I went to run LiveUpdate again and they’ve got a new patch this time, so I applied it but then Norton closed automatically while it’s in the middle of closing other programs and it’s not on my taskbar anymore. I couldn’t even open it back up so I rebooted again, and when I got back into Windows again everything is normally behaving so far.

I’d never seen any of this happen before, but luckily my Norton didn’t get destroyed other than fucking up my internet connection.