Time for some Screen Crabs!

I found this video from the Tonight Show that includes Screengrabs, a segment where Jimmy shares his favorite fan-submitted screenshots found around the internet:

I think the one screenshot I like the most is the picture of some old man who’s arrested after a bank robbery but down below ‘Bank Robbery Heist’ it says: ’10-year-old accused of bank robbery has criminal history.” Gosh, what a really young old man. πŸ˜›

Monday Late Night Video Roundup

I was watching this video from the Late Show that includes the ‘Amen!’ edition of Big Furry Hat:

Here’s my most favorite part Stephen said that I thought it was epicly hilarious: “After a prayer, instead of ‘amen’, we shall now proclaim ‘a-women!'” πŸ˜›

Oh, I found another one also from the Late show that include a musical performance by Bon Jovi (or as I call him ‘Jon Bovine’ πŸ˜› ). Enjoy this fun song:

Now that was an incredibly awesome performance! And I like their great guitar work too. πŸ˜€ I was thinking about pulling out my guitar and do some practice one of these days.

One-Eyed Monster on Ellen’s Game of Games

While we’re eating dinner that Tomala made, I watched this part of Ellen DeGeneres’ game show called Ellen’s Game of Games that includes a game called One-Eyed Monster, where a couple of contestants must pull out teeth from the monster until one of the contestants pulls out the wrong tooth and gets eaten by it:

It would’ve even better if they have a One-Eyed Wonder Weasel on there instead. πŸ˜›

Have a belated Christmas video from the Late Show

I forgot to put this YouTube video up on Christmas Day. It’s a video from the Late Show that includes a group of Christmas carolers singing about Robert Mueller’s 12 Days of Christmas:

Now THAT is hilarious Mueller Christmas music to my ears. πŸ˜›

Monday Late Night Open Thread: The Price Is Not Right

After I played some GBA games on VisualBoyAdvance this evening, I found this video from Saturday Night Live where four famous celebrities are competing alongside their contestants in the celebrity edition of The Price Is Right:

Wow, that Sofia Vergara impression is super awesome, and I laughed my ass off when Drew Carey asked Sofia “What movie are you here to promote?”, and she said “Pepsi” while she’s holding a Pepsi soda can. πŸ˜›