I’m on someone else’s Twitch stream

Played some more TF2 last night and someone named Klassy_Joy decided to stream on Twitch and visit some random servers including a 2Fort server that I was on. We had a really great time, and so did her friends too!

She liked my blonde hair. 🙂

Her doing an Angry Heavy impression after I killed her. 😛

On another note I did manage to unlock a few achievements that include the one for killing a charging Demoman, another for stunning an enemy Scout with their own ball, and the third for eating 100 Sandviches. 🙂

Wednesday Evening Open Thread

After a couple hours of playing TF2 this afternoon, I decided to create a ‘Please Wait’ screen picture of a watermelon skull and crossbones for my sister Tomala’s Twitch streaming:

Now I’m at the point where I should add various animated things like two guys smoking their bongs and/or sitting on the couch eating Lay’s potato chips. 😛

Open thread!

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