Tuesday Road Trip Open Thread

Today was a nice day. My family and I went out on another Coos Bay road trip to go grab some clam chowder, fish and chips at a restaurant called The Crazy Norwegian. That stuff is extremely finger-licking delicious. 🙂 Oh, while we were heading back to our homestead, we pulled over and I got out my camcorder and took nice pictures of a great sunset at the beach and a boat out on the water:

So anyways, our really long road trip went well as always. 😀

Saturday Night Open Thread: Two Kittehs and A Nice Sunset

The weather was fairly decent tonight. I went outside with my camera this afternoon and took this cute photo of Stewie and Morty on top of our Oldsmobile:

And here’s a pic of this beautiful sunset we’re having:

I also managed to get some cat footage of the two handsome kitteh boys doing their outside activities for my next YouTube video, but that’ll have to wait until I get more cat footage for my next YouTube video.

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