Playing some moar DOS games

I played two more DOS games today. The first one is called Scrabble and the other one is called Mah Jongg Solitaire. Here’s what they look like:



I also made a new tile set by using a DOS program called Mah Jongg Solitaire Tile Maker, where you can create your own tile set. I replaced the original Mah Jongg tile set with road signs. Here’s a picture of it:


Pretty good tile set too. I was working on the Namco tile set, but I got it halfway done. So anyways, everything is going well in the DOSBox universe. 😀

Doing some gaming on the Roku

I decided to play some games on the Roku this afternoon because I was bored. I played games like Double Draw Solo Poker, Mah Jongg and Solitaire. I was playing Double Draw Solo Poker the other day and I got a high score of 5200. 🙂 Mom likes to play games on the Roku too. She plays Solitaire, Color Swap ‘n Drop, Mah Jongg, Rockswap Adventures, Snake and other games she likes to play.

So yeah, everything’s going good so far.

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