Race to Iron Man’s Mountain

I decided to continue my quest in Pokemon Diamond this evening by climbing my way to Stark Mountain, where I meet the strongest trainer named Buck. We went on a journey to find the Magma Stone, where a legendary Heatran awaits me after completing the quest. Afterwards I flew over to the Survival Area and went inside an old man’s house, where Buck was waiting for me. Then I came back to Tony Stark’s Mountain where I squared off against Heatran, and finally managed to catch that gigantic volcanic critter. 😛

I was teaching her new moves that are super-effective against any Grass-types, Ice-types, etc. I decided to name her Krakatoa because it’s named after a legendary volcano located in Indonesia.

Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Very nice evening today. We had some steak with rice and vegetables for dinner, that was some delicious stuff. 😉 Then I got bored so I decided to use my drawing tablet and drew my own version of the three legendary titans from the Pokémon series:

The reason why I made this is because I successfully managed to catch all three of them with my high-quality Poké Balls in Pokémon Emerald. 🙂

Open thread!

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