More fun with DOOM 2016

Look what I got from Quake Champions!

Been playing some DOOM 2016 and I’ve made my way further in the destroyed Argent facility after finding some secrets, rune trials and this heavy duty butt-kicking chain gun:

On another note I managed to get three more achievements like the one for fully upgrading a Praetor Suit category, the second for upgrading a Rune, and the third for Glory Killing all types of demons in the single player campaign. Now I just need to get good enough upgrades for my stuff so I can take on against the Cyber-demon after I complete the level that I was on and the next one after that. 🙂

DOOM It May Concern

Cacodemon hamburger, my favorite.

Last night I decided to come back to DOOM 2016 and I managed to get past the Argent Energy Tower and Kadingir Sanctum, where I found a few secrets like this white Doom Slayer doll:

And I even found a Gauss Cannon here. It looks beautiful:

So now I’m on heading to the seventh level of the game which is the destroyed Argent Energy Tower. But I’m gonna wait on doing that until I feel like playing this game again. 🙂

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