More Superhero Adventures in Scribblenauts Unmasked

WUAAAAGGGH!!!! I’m being surrounded by tourists who really like me. BAAAAAMAAAAAAANNN!!!

I didn’t get to do any SFM last couple days ago, but I did re-upload a few of my creations from Scribblenauts Unmasked to the Steam workshop since most of the stuff that I made awhile back became invisible due to the clean install of Windows 10. So I had no choice but to delete all my object data and start making them all over from scratch.

I will be planning on screwing around with SFM once my weekend begins, so stick around until I come back to my headquarters.


I decided to Photoshop my GMod screenshot of Batman dressed as a princess but I made his face much more funny-looking because his face in the screenshot looked too serious. Here’s a screenshot of what I’m talking about:

Tomorrow I will be heading off to work at 7 in the morning to do some jobs that need to be done if necessary. I was going to plan making some more hand drawn artwork or maybe continue working on my comic art project after I come home from work.

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