Some SEGA Game Shenanigans

I’ve been playing some Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine on SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics with my Steam controller. It’s a game is about competing against various robot characters in different stages that include a robotic chimpanzee, a tall-legged chicken wearing an armored suit, etc. Here’s a picture of the gameplay:

This game is really fun to play but the computer players are brutally intense, and what I like about it is the combo bonuses that send invisible blobs to the opposing player. Awesome! 🙂 I managed to complete the first two stages in the game so far, then I moved on to another SEGA game called Columns:

This game looks similar to an old Windows game Jewel Master because of the sound effects, but Jewel Master never existed until 1992. Anyway, here’s a pic of the gameplay in the SEGA game:

I’d thought it was quite fun too. On another note I have unlocked an achievement for gaining a high score of 5,000 points on Easy mode in Columns. 🙂

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