What The Duck?

There’s nothing much going on tonight. I was watching this video from the Late Show that involves Mark Walker and baby ducks:

My most favorite part in it is Walker’s picture of the duck ramp on Twitter. 😛 What kind of stupid moron had the idea to buy duck ramps so that the ducklings would climb up in it, fall down into the pond and die?

In tonight’s post: Jon Stewart reads President Fuckface Von Clownstick’s executive orders

I found this YouTube video from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where Jon Stewart is on the show, and he reads some executive orders he borrowed off President Fuckface Von Clownstick’s desk. 😛

I like the one part where Jon is reading one of Cheeto Benito’s executive order that involves China and its wall. 😛 I’m sure going to miss him being the host of The Daily Show. 🙁

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