Time for a latest Stewie pic

I had my camera deployed the other day and took this nice pic of Stewie. He was happily resting on a pink blanket on the rocking chair:

Oh, and speaking of Stewie, let me tell you people a story about what he did wrong a few days ago. I was watching television in the living room while my father pitches a cat tent on the couch for Morty after placing his milk cup on the coffee table. Stewie hopped up on the coffee table just to watch my father working on a cat tent when suddenly he knocked my father’s milk cup off the table with his tail while he was skedaddling off there and into the dining room. Now the milk has been splattered on the carpet, so I yelled at him for that and he was like “What? What’s the big idea?”. My father was angry at Stewie for making a mess in the living room, and he just poured his full cup of milk too.

So yeah, that’s how Stewie got in trouble for spilling my father’s milk on the carpet. But that’s okay, he’ll remember not to do the same mistake again.

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