I drew a Goro thing *again*

I’ve been toying around with some more Krita and Adobe Illustrator CS6, and here’s a hand drawn thing that I’ve been working on for the evening:

This is supposed to be Goro from Mortal Kombat, but I added a crown on his head and a gold bling around his neck to make him my own version just to make him a royal pimp-like Shokan beast. 😛

Chitty Chitty Wang Bang

I came back into Shadow Warrior last night, and I got past chapter 10 and ran into the next demon boss in the 11th chapter: Mezu.

He is one of the immortal demon beings ruling over the Shadow Realm known as the Ancients, now he became a more powerful demon than ever. So now I just need to look up some instructions online on how to defeat Mezu so I can move on to Chapter 12.

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