Cooking Mama goes Full Metal Mexican

I’ve been spending some time making artwork this afternoon. Here’s a hand drawn picture dedicated to my sis Overlord Tomala:

It was a Cooking Mama version of Raiden from the Metal Gear Rising series. He’s wear a dark-colored sombrero and a poncho with the same color, he has a black headband-like eyepatch, and he holds a sword used for slicing and dicing fruits and veggies. 😛

Meet the Happy Lovely Street Signs

Been doing a little bit of making some art with Photoshop lately. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

It was a picture of four happy and lovely street signs who get to know each other and became friends of love in the daytime city streets. They sure look lovable and even they’re smiles are made of hearts. 🙂

I already gave credit to a Spriters Resource submitter by the name of Dazz for the City Street background sprite from the 2010 PC game Cherry Tree High Comedy Club.

Have my latest Mortal Kombat artwork

I’ve been making some hand drawn artwork lately. This is a Mortal Kombat fighter named Jarek, and he’s doing some weightlifting to make his muscles stronger. He is a student of Kano and is one of the members of The Black Dragon.

I hope he’ll added to the latest Mortal Kombat game as part of the game’s 3rd DLC character pack, and I can’t wait to check it out too once I get enough free space on one of my Steam drives to play it.

Late Night GMod Pixel Art Projectification

It’s been awhile since I made some pixel block art in GMod, and I thought share my latest ones to all you Slackers:

It was block art of Mario and Luigi from the game ‘Super Mario Bros. 3’ for the NES. I’ve also been making even more background art afterwards but they’ll have to wait to be uploaded on Steam until tomorrow.

Ronald and Donald Forever

Been making some more background artwork in Garry’s Mod lately. Here’s one of them that is dedicated to my sis Tomala:

It was Ronald McDonald happily hugging the ever-loving heck out of Donald Trump, and meanwhile Francis is watching them while eating popcorn. 😛 Anyways, I’ll plan on making something that’s related to Independence Day which starts tomorrow because our town’s firework show has been cancelled due to COVID-19 which means we’re not going to be able to see some fireworks from the show this year.

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