Another decade gone and the next one will begin soon

My family and I were enjoying some delicious pizza for dinner as our celebration for New Year’s Eve. After we’re all finished with dinner I got three new games added to my library from the Steam Winter Sale for a total of almost 32 dollars, then I spent the rest of the Steam money on good Team Fortress 2 fashion equipment and other things since I’ve been playing that game lately.

And now that I got all the important things out of the way, I will now show you Slackers my latest videos that I uploaded on YouTube last night. This first is my cat Stewie chasing around a toy string and playing with it:

Then this next one is a short nature-related video tiny red bug on a journey in a puffball of a seeding dandelion, and then the bug falls off the dandelion at the very end:

Anyways, now let’s hope that 2020 will be a good year and U.S. President #46 will be better than the last one.

My National Forest Fire Story

My family and I went to go visit the Willamette National Forest earlier this afternoon to check out the fire damage from there because we had a couple of major wildfires that burned a bunch of acres back in 2017 and 2018 due to lightning strikes and/or people who ignite fires. Here are a few pictures of various trees that got charred after the 2017 wildfires:

We got really lucky back then because the fire was heading towards our town after burning about 50,000 acres from the Horse Creek Complex and Jones fires but the firefighters and heavy rains have managed to put out the fiery blaze of destruction for good.

Oh, and while we were heading back home I activated my camera and snapped a picture of a squirrel at the edge of the road minding its own business:

Yep, that is one cute squirrel with a nice fluffy tail. 🙂

DIY Nature Experimenting Open Thread

Yesterday I’ve been working on a DIY nature experiment lately:

What I did there is I used an empty cocoa powder container, fill it up with some water and then carefully add some seeding dandelions one at a time without knocking any parachute seeds off the puffballs so that the dandelions will be quenched with water in order to last a little longer like all other flowers. 🙂

Oh, and speaking of nature, I was out back pulling up a few more weeds and picked up a lot of fallen leaves off the ground just to tidy up our backyard a bit. Then after I got all that done my family and I enjoyed some exquisite submarine sandwiches that we ordered from a Subway restaurant. At least the food from Subway is far better than the food from McDonald’s.

Open thread, ladies and gents!

All The Leaves Are Down

Papa Smurf and I were out back raking up some fallen leaves this evening and make them into a pile next to the compost pile:

It only took less than a half-hour to get the backyard job done. We didn’t get all the leaves but we were able to get a lot of them. So tomorrow I was thinking about is go out back and rip up more weed and fake grass if I could track them down hard enough.

Monday Evening Open Thread: Backyard Work Edition

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I’ve been too busy having a good time playing some community servers in TF2. Either way, today’s weather was really nice this evening. I decided to continue my yard work mission in our backyard with a red-handled screwdriver from our tool shed in the garage, and I used it to pull up a lot of unwanted weeds scattered in different locations from yesterday and today. Then I placed all the weeds into the compost pile used for gardening afterwards.

It sure was fun trying to pulling up weeds off the ground, especially crabgrass because those are really hard to get. Oh, and speaking of weeds, here’s a picture of another seeding dandelion that I found in our backyard next to the chain-like fence between our backyard and our neighbors’:

This seeding dandelion I found is two feet tall, and it has a lot of tiny parachute seeds that form a white good-sized puffball just like the previous one that I found almost three weeks ago:

Yep, I sure love those kind of weed flowers so much. 🙂

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