Coming Back To Some Tee Eff Too

I got back into some TF2 since it’s been awhile and I had some fun blowing up stuff in random community servers with bots. After I got done I decided to sell enough trading cards to purchase a paint tool from the Steam market so that I can give one of my Slick Cut a good paint job:

I can’t wait to play this game with my fwend-o’s someday. 🙂

Learning More in Adobe Illustrator

I got back to doing more drawing practice on my Wacom Tablet in Adobe Illustrator this evening, but this time I’m using images of pixel-based road sign silhouettes and trace them into vector-based ones so I can make patterns with them:

I’ve also been using other tools that resize, rotate and even reflect the pictures that I traced. So far I’ve been doing good on using my drawing tablet on Illustrator but I still need to watch more Illustrator videos so that I can learn more.

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