Playing around some Dig Dug for DOS

Last year I went to My Abandonware and found a DOS game called Dig Dug, so I decided to give this a try:

You’ll play as the dude dressed in white clothing, and you’re digging underground to destroy all Pookas (the red round monsters that wear yellow goggles) and Fygars (the green dragons that breathe fire) by blowing them up with your air pump or crushing them with large rocks:

I’d say this is a really fun DOS Game. I was thinking about playing other Namco DOS games like Pac-Man and Galaxian, but I’m gonna have to wait on that for another time. πŸ˜€

The Green Rabbit Strikes Back

I played some Jazz Jackrabbit yesterday and I have completed the first episode after defeating an evil turtle known as Devan Shell, who’s riding on his bouncy spaceship:

So that’s one down and five more to go. I will dig into this some more any other day, and hopefully Jazz can stop Devan and his twin mega battleships from destroying his home planet Carrotus, and rescue his girlfriend Eva Earlong. πŸ™‚

Playing around some Time Slaughter

I found another DOS game where Street Fighter meets Mortal Kombat. This is Time Slaughter, a fighting game made by Bloodlust Software. I decided to tear into this old-school fighting game.

You will play as one of the ten characters and the object of the game is to defeat every opponent to get all the way up to the hideous robotic monstrosity known as Portal. Here’s what the game looks like:

The gameplay looks nice and so do the characters. Your character’s winquote will appear after you win two rounds against your opponent just like in the Street Fighter games:

Here’s one of the winquotes that really made me laugh my ass off:

Another thing in this game, if you successfully use a slaughter move (or fatality) on all ten original characters with no continues, then you will fight against the bonus character named Staine. Now that’s amazing! πŸ™‚ What I like about this game are not only the characters, but also their battle stages like the deserted island, the New York alley, the prehistoric caveman times, etc.

Unfortunately, the creators of the game never made a sequel. πŸ™ So anyway, that’s what the game is all about. It’s bloody fun! πŸ˜€

The DOSBoxing Adventure Continues

Last night I went to My Abandonware and got a couple of DOS games that I wanted to try out:

The first one is called Life In The Fast Lane (a.k.a. LifeGenesis). You just use the spacebar to create life cells and press Enter to generate the cell field. What I like about this is you can do other things like if you press the R key it makes a random field of life cells, and you can save and load your creations on to your computer. Here’s my creation in this game:

And this DOS game is called Poker Galore:

The gameplay is not bad at all, and what I like about it is the different video poker games like Jacks or Better, Joker’s Wild, Second Chance, etc. πŸ™‚

After Dark Open Thread

Last night I went to a website called Play DOS Games Online, where you look around and find DOS games and old Windows games that you want to play, and I found an After Dark 3.2 program that has various screensavers. Here are some of them that are my favorites:

You Bet Your Head

Bad Dog!

DOS Shell

Rat Race

They’re really good screensavers and so do the others. πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, it won’t work under Windows 7 but it will if it’s running under DOSBox or a virtual machine. I was thinking about doing that one of these days.

Another DOS game I’m interested in

I decided to play some Super Tetris. It’s an old DOS game where you have to clear all the lines from the picture to advance to the next level. Here’s what the game looks like:

This game is really awesome to play. πŸ˜€ I like how I use bombs to destroy blocks and grab power-ups every time I clear the lines, and I also like the artwork in this game like circus animals, clowns, etc.

Some more old skool action

I’ve been playing a game called Poker Solitaire:


It’s a card game where you can place cards one by one on the grid to earn points from different hands. I’d say this is a really good game because I like how it has an option that let’s me choose scoring systems:


And another that let’s me choose different game variations like the one variation where you can place all the cards at once and swap them around, and the other where you can place cards one by one only on adjacent squares:


Yeah, things are going alright so far. πŸ™‚