Screwing around in Scribblenauts!

Last night, I was screwing around in Scribblenauts and I created some people on my own, like I created the two Nicki Minaj princesses that are sometimes on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’:


They’re sitting on their beach chairs with Ellen. This is what they look like in real life:

sophiagraceandrosiepic (144)

I also added an adjective to one of Maxwell’s brothers, Jack.


One more thing before I go, I also added adjectives to different objects. Here’s what I did:

2016-02-17_00004 (2)

2016-02-17_00003 (2)



I got the idea from the funny bot names on our Team Fortress 2 servers.


Well, back to screwin’ off. XD

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The clam looks more like poo. Bearded poo.


Meat tornado is best tornado.